Diamond Star Throw Quilt


The new darlings of the moment, pastel shades might even look cheesy and personalityless in the not so distant past, but a few years ago they once again appeared as strong design trends in general, and today our post will teach you how to use them. decorate them and even bring a beautiful Diamond Star Throw Quilt tutorial to help you decorate. The pastel colors not only soften our view of the environment but ensure that we have a sense of calm and tranquility no matter what the decorating idea is.

That’s why minimalist environments don’t look hollow or cold with them, and environments full of objects and furniture don’t seem crowded. In both decorations, the overall meaning of the composition is softened by the right choice of colors, so think carefully about your choices when decorating.


And it is because of this effect that pastel colors have and for their growing appearance in objects, furniture and room decorations that today’s post will talk about these shades, how they returned to fashion and their increasing uses in decoration, curious? So let’s start the tutorial!


Free Pattern Available: Diamond Star Throw Quilt

Used in interior decoration, fashion, make-up and conceptual design pieces, the pastel shades have stopped being defined by white and the beige derivatives to include a different color chart, now they are much more, and believe me, they are beautiful.

In 2016, Pantone, a company that catalogs and standardizes colors for the general industry, selected two shades as colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity, shades derived from pink and baby blue to work alone or together as a trend. And what a beautiful trend isn’t it?

The choice of Pantone not only defined the new trends but began to explore these “baby” tones in another way. Now when we talk about pastels we can also think of the lighter shades of pink, yellow, blue, green, lilac, orange and gray, which end up giving more personality to what once looked ‘pale’, ‘dull’ or ‘bland’ “Now it’s much more different.

They have gained so much personality that they have other names: candy colors or off-white. These candy shades are the ones that are considered the most colorful in their lighter forms, much like the colors that appear in cotton candy sold around, what a delight. They are perfect not only for children’s environments, but for giving a different mood to all environments. It is with them that architects and designers are joking about decorating living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Gray, which has always been associated with a dark and cold color, has been used as the perfect balance for the environment with the most colorful pastels. Serving both the protagonism and balance with these shades, gray has gained in the most contemporary environments the importance it needed to be explored in various ways in the decoration. Now you can use it in your decoration to make it super stylish.

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