Flying Geese Quilt


The stitching of the triangles is done at the edges of bias and can cause the triangle to stretch, so be careful when you sew, have lightness in the hands. This method is widely used in our modern world of quilting.

Previously, patchwork was seen as a simple work, but over time it is being modernized and began to be valued for being an extremely handmade product with great finish and result.


Choose colors that match your friend or even your favorite or the preferred colors of the person you will be gifting. Be inspired by some photos left here in the post with model of how you can do.

Every time I finish a job I am very happy because they are really incredible and I want everyone to feel this way and able to do this pattern.


This pattern is used as quilt but is used to hang on the wall too, so decorating the room, room, anyway, wherever you want and prefer to decorate an environment giving a special and personalized touch.

It is great also to give as gift, thus making your own gift being more special to your famous quilt. As well as several more complex and large patterns, it is necessary to have patience, dedication and imagination so that everything flows and has a great result that is expected.

I leave below the standard of this beautiful project with all the information for all and I hope you enjoy. We will always make available a multitude of quilt pattern models to download the PDF for free (Pattern Free – FLying Geese Quilt ), or it also has the Goosed up (paper pieced block). Good job and up to the next standard.

Pattern Free with Step by Step – ☞ Flying Geese Quilt