Fireworks Blocks Quilting


Hello friends of Ck Crafts, today I bring a beautiful pattern that gave super success in the end the result, I simply loved and today I bring you the pattern Fireworks Block.

They were not very fast blocks, but when they finished I really like the way they look. I could not withstand the new standards and Fireworks is the first on the list.


The Fireworks Block Quilt is the perfect choice if you want to make a larger block instead of several smaller blocks.

The pad block itself does not contain large pieces like some larger blocks. There are only more pieces on the block. The bonus is that you need to make fewer blocks for the quilt.


These modern vintage style quilts blocks are fun to make. Using small pieces of colored prints, he makes a fantastic patchwork quilt by simply choosing three different fabrics for each block.

The size of the quilt depends on how many blocks you make increasing in size. I’m happy to sew them because it’s a great result. Quilt Blocks for Fireworks – Hopeful Housewife Fabric.


For beginners, practice half-square triangles and flying geese. It’s a fun and interesting block to do. Adjusting squares from 2 ½ “to 2” will yield a smaller block of 12 “, equally fun to play.
Very white makes the bright colors appear, and the blocks are large enough to show demanding cuts by putting your favorite prints on display. If you are accumulating a fat bedroom package, the firework quilt requires 16 quarts of fat. Finished blocks are shiny and delicious at 16 inches. Sixteen blocks of snowball make a delicious throw of 68 x 68.


Fabric A – Cut a strip of fabric 8.5 inches wide (needs 4 triangles)

Fabric B – Cut a strip of fabric 7 inches wide (needs 8 triangles)

I’m using it’s Monaluna Simple Life

* These measures create a 6-inch block, you need 4 of these 6-inch blocks to create the overall block that measures 11.5 inches unfinished.

The ruler I’m using: Creative Grids 30-degree triangular ruler


Of “accented” fabric (pink, in my case): Two rectangles 4.5 “x 5.25”

White fabric: four rectangles 2.5 “x 3.25”

Of “main” fabric (green, in my case): Four squares of 2.5 “x 2.5”

➡ Acess PDF Free Fireworks Blocks Quilting

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