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You need to organize your books but don’t know how? The bookcase may be the best option. However, when choosing the best shelf for the room you have to look at the decor of the room. Check out this post for some book organization tips, learn how to make a bookcase that matches your decor, and be inspired by the ideas we share with you. There are different ways to make a bookshelf and you can make one for your home yourself. The goal is to try to organize everything to have more space in the environment. Check out some options. In this post we will see more about bookshelves and teach you how to make a Santa Basket Or Bag.

Bookcase with reading space
To make the bookshelf you will need wood slats that can withstand the weight of the books, because if they are many, the weight will be even greater. You can paint the slats of the color of your choice or paint the wall with a flashy color. To complete the space, choose a comfortable armchair and a suitable lamp.


Bookcase with drawers
You can enjoy the drawers of some furniture you no longer use to make your bookcase. Then just use a wooden slat as a support and fix it to the wall. You can paint drawers to match your home décor.


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Metal support bookcase
In this case, the book rest is the metal stand that gives the impression of an invisible bookshelf. However, the book that will serve as a base should not be removed. So put in that place those books you already read and won’t get out of there anytime soon. Another bookcase option is to use a triangle-shaped ladder. Support the ladder on the wall and arrange the books on each step. The base books cannot be removed.

How to organize a bookcase
Once you have chosen the bookcase template, it’s time to learn how to organize them so that the bookcase is also part of the home décor and always tidy. See how you can organize your bookcase. Notice how is the decoration of the environment where the shelf is fixed. See if you need to paint the bookcase or add any decoration objects. But remember to cherish the functionality of the mobile.

Gather all the books
Before you start organizing the books, put them all together and do some general cleaning. Separate the books that need reform, separate those that will be kept, and organize those that will be donated. The time has come to decide how you will arrange the books on the shelf. You can separate them by color, theme, alphabetical order, author name, genres, size, or reading order. Ready to start your bookshelf?

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