Coffee Mug Cozy – Crochet Pattern


Nothing better than having lots of hot drinks on hot days, and to make these moments even more charming, how about investing in a coffee mug cozy? Sipping on a hot chocolate and holding it to warm your hands and not letting the hot chocolate get cold has a comforting feeling. In addition to making your dishes look even more interesting, they protect your fingers in case you bump them into the cup with very hot liquid.

 I didn’t know about this item, it’s been a while since it entered my daily life. As soon as I found this pattern, I made a point of testing and seeing how it looks. It’s easy to do, it doesn’t need much skill. If you’ve never crocheted, it’s a great piece to start with. The stitch is simple and the piece is small.


When I started to crochet, small pieces were the ones I made the most. It’s faster to finish the piece, and whenever it’s done, we’re very happy and proud of our work. This motivates and excites me to continue and have several covers ready. You can assemble kits, so the whole family gets protected, beautiful and personalized mugs.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry


Coffee Mug Cozy Pattern

Crochet is a technique that does not require many materials. The only frequent investment is the wires. Crochet hooks, as much as there are many numbers, they last for a long time. Here below we will describe the materials and abbreviations that are important to know before starting. Separate everything before you start making it, this ensures that you won’t have to run out to buy some material.



The complete pattern is available on Ravelry, with the step-by-step PDF. We’d love to hear from you about the standards. If you want, you can use the comment box. It is always very good and pleasant to have you here, we are happy. We always look for the most complete standards that will bring as much information as possible. Now, time to start crocheting!