Sparkle Winter Storm Quilt - By Riley Blake Designs


Sparkle Winter Storm Quilt is a simple work that looks very beautiful and is very cheap. Quilt is a technique used by many artisans for its practicality and beautiful final result. The colors of your bedspread will depend on your taste. Choose your colors according to the decoration of the room you want to place it.

Certainly when doing your job you usually have a lot of doubts about how it is the best way to do a perfect job. But with love and patience it is possible to do amazing and beautiful work. The bedspread is the type of work that despite being relatively easy to do requires patience when composing the piece.


Sparkle Winter Storm Quilt, a way for you to be distracted by one of the most simple and elegant crafts, easy tips for you to learn how to make and create your own pieces.


Quilt is a very beautiful craft practice in which we work with sewing and pieces of simple and printed fabrics. The craft is to transform the small pieces of cloth in bundles and join them with the seam, thus giving the shape of several pieces and allowing you to create great works.

Sparkle Winter Storm Quilt is an art that is made piece by piece, with this, you will be able to produce various types of decorative works, such as: Cushions, Bedspreads, Bags, Clothes, souvenirs and many others that your creativity can achieve.

It is a very old craft, but still very used, with just a needle, thread and a few pieces or nieces of fabric you can provide several decorative objects for your home or even to sell and add an extra buck to your budget at the end of the month, which is great.

Free Pattern Available: Sparkle Winter Storm Quilt