Five Efficient Tips For More Creative Quilting Time


Have you considered using quilt for decoration? so come with us because today’s post brings you Five Efficient Tips For More Creative Quilting Time. When we search for references before decorating our home, it is very common to find beautiful kitchen, living room, and bedroom designs in a variety of media, be they home decor magazines, specialty websites, and even social media such as Pinterest and Tumblr. Many of these projects look like dreams that are very difficult to build or costly, giving the feeling that we can’t make such a beautiful environment without the help of a design professional.

But that’s not true, and while interior designers and architects are a must to help build a well-decorated, harmonious and stylish environment, using our room-building skills without outside help can work well and create custom rooms. great! And is there a better way to decorate the house with your face than using a beautiful quilt?


How about we talk a little about this art so famous and sought that everyone loves? Where did the quilt come from? where did the name come from? how about finding out?


Free Available Pattern: Five Efficient Tips For More Creative Quilting Time

The word quilt comes from Latin Latin, a kind of mattress or cushion filled with something soft and warm (like feathers, wool or hair) and used for bedding or covering. Quilting, which means padding, and Patchwork are partners in the craft world, and have been together for many thousands of years. The reasons to make a quilt are diverse: they can simply be something to keep people warm; they can be copies of old quilts celebrating the past; they can play with fabric patterns and textures for the sheer pleasure, exercise and beauty of the incredible result.

Evidence of the existence of quilting goes back several centuries before the Romans. Funeral carpet, find in Russia a chief tomb floor, dated somewhere between 100 BC to 200 A.D., it is probably the oldest item of quilting that survived. One of the most important uses of quilting art in many ancient societies was in the making of personal armor and especially worn by the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and European armies until the Middle Ages, as they provided an effective defense against blows. swords, spears and arrows, amazing isn’t it?

Some occasional surviving articles in Sicily dating from the late 14th century were also found. Although reference to quilt occurs almost exclusively in the reports and inventories of upper-middle-class families, it is reasonable to assume that women from poor families also made quilts. Some examples of English quilting date from the early eighteenth century. How can such ancient craftsmanship be so popular? The quilt has been improving over time, and today is very modern.

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