Crochet Quilt Bedspread Edging


One of the positive points of using wood is that it is timeless and still assumes different styles, from rustic to modern. Another key point is that the wood gives warmth and reminds the bucolic climate of the countryside. However, to guarantee durability and economy, use porcelain imitating wood. Unlike other coatings, porcelain tiles are developed with high technology and durable materials, a fact that makes porcelain tiles very resistant and can be used in different environments. In this post we will see more about this subject and you can learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Quilt Bedspread Edging.

The effects of porcelain tiles differ according to the chosen model, these vary from natural ones (ideal for external use) to the most sophisticated ones, with HD printing, very used today. How about redesigning your decor with porcelain imitating wood? Take advantage of our tips and choose the best flooring option for your home.


As a use of porcelain imitating wood, the decoration remains sophisticated, but gains a natural and sustainable appeal which makes everything more beautiful. In this project, to give a natural tone to the floor, the original wooden furniture has a lighter shade than porcelain.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Quilt Bedspread Edging


More comfort for the children’s room. The porcelain imitating wood brought comfort to one of the bedroom designs that we saw in the bedroom, as the bright colors of the furniture and walls, gave a more relaxed and modern look to the decor. The durability of porcelain imitating wood was one of the main factors during the decoration of this children’s room.

Because children are active, they drag toys from side to side and the wooden floor would most likely not withstand so much energy. Modern dining room inspired by the bucolic style of mountain houses. We also saw an incredible design of a beautiful dining room that follows a modern style, but in all aspects of the decoration there is a direct contact with the rusticity of the wood.

In yet another project there is a feeling of warmth in the clean environment. There was a dosed mix of styles, this is fundamental to personify the decoration, it gives an incredible style and much more stripped, cheerful, different, fun and with a unique touch. Providing lightness and sobriety to the environment.

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