Mod Mesh Honey Blanket Sweater – Crochet Pattern


Let’s learn how to make the Mood Mesh Honey Blanket Sweater? You always ask for coat patterns and this sweater is the perfect model to compose your looks. It’s a cozy and comfortable piece that hugs you and makes all the difference. The crochet sweater is a piece that cannot be missed as an option in women’s closets and closets.

Despite being a piece more used in the cold, crochet allows a more open weave for the hottest days. There are so many different models that it’s impossible not to find a perfect sweater for your casual look or your social outfit. This item is extremely versatile and crochet only enhances this feature, allowing many different plots and textures.


If you want a piece to wear in winter, choose thicker and fluffier yarn. You can use thinner and more fluid strands in sweaters for warmer days. The thickness of the yarn can interfere with the work performance, so we use different crochet hooks. Each manufacturer indicates a crochet hook for a type of yarn, and this is described on the yarn package.

Mod Mesh Honey Blanket Sweater – Mama in a Stitch

Mod Mesh Honey Blanket Sweater Pattern

In this pattern you will use three different stitches: single crochet, moss stitch or granite stitch and simple mesh stitch. They each use variations of single crochet and chain stitches. Adjustments may be made by creating a longer chain and crocheting for more rows. Below you will find the materials needed and abbreviations used in the pattern.




We love to bring these patterns for you to exercise more and more creativity in the practice of crochet. This craft is very versatile and can be useful when making gifts or products to sell. You will find the complete pattern in Mama in a Stitch, with suggestions, photos, step-by-step and video tutorial to accompany you in this project. Soon we will bring more patterns like this. Now, time to crochet!