Mae’s Chevron Crochet Blanket


In addition to making the environments in which they are placed more comfortable, decorative pillows are also an easy – and inexpensive – way to transform the decoration of a space. The details make all the difference when thinking about how you want the rooms in your home to look.

The decorative pillows prove just that! And the best thing is that they are super versatile and, therefore, they are not only for sofa, but can also be used in the most diverse places.


So, if you want to give that look up to your home sweet home, you can bet without fear on decorative pillows. In this post you can learn more about it and also learn how to make this beautiful Mae’s Chevron Crochet Blanket.

And, to help when choosing yours, whether purchased separately or in a pillow kit, check out some models and choose which best fits your decor, we are sure you will love it! Decorative pillows are really just advantages.


They can be smooth or have the most varied prints, such as polka dots, stripes, animal print, words and much more.

In addition, they also come in the most diverse shapes and sizes, so it will be easy to choose one that suits you. All of this allows you to use your creativity when choosing whether you want one or several decorative pillows forming a pillow kit that is a mix full of personality.

And, if you get tired of the colors, textures or prints of your decorative pillows, you can change their look with simple cushion covers, simple and fast. That way, you can transform a super colorful decorative pillow into something more discreet with a beige cover or in light blue tones, that way the pillow will never be nauseating. Just remember to always use your vacuum cleaner on the pillows, so you prevent them from accumulating dust and causing allergic reactions.

One of the most common places for decorative pillows is the room. There, they can be on the most varied furniture, but the most classic are the decorative sofa cushions. However, you can also use the pillows for a chair, armchair or wherever you prefer, imagination is the limit.

The decorative pillows on the chairs or armchairs also bring a special touch to the decoration of the environment, making everything more fun and beautiful. For this reason, whenever possible use and abuse of prints, as they bring joy and relaxation to the room.

Decorative seat cushions, known as seat cushions, are used to make the kitchen, dining room and balcony chairs more beautiful and cozy. In the market it is possible to find different colors, shapes and fabrics of decorative cushions for sitting, this allows you to find the perfect cushion for your seat, choose the one that most represents you and that will match the decoration of the place where you will use it there.

Decorative pillows are a great option for those who want to make their room even more welcoming. Therefore, many people use these pieces on the bed during the day and, at night, when they go to sleep, collect them.

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