Teddy Go Round Afghan


Want a perfect place to let your imagination run wild when decorating your home? This place is the toilet! This small corner of the house, for social use and which is usually located next to the living and dining room, allows original, authentic and stylish creations. And one of them is the possibility of using wallpaper for a toilet. Wallpaper is a great choice for washbasins, since, despite being a bathroom, it is not damp and wet. In today’s post we brought suggestions on how to choose the wallpaper for the bathroom that will help you choose the one that best suits your home and style, as well as a tutorial on how to make a beautiful Teddy Go Round Afghan. Let’s check?

How to choose wallpaper for toilet
The toilet, in most cases, is a small space for the use of visitors and has only the toilet and a countertop with sink. When choosing toilet wallpaper, you have the option of following the line and the decorative style of the environment in which it belongs, such as the dining room or the living room. In that case, choose a wallpaper that refers to the colors and textures of the main space to use in your bathroom.


However, this is not a rule. The decoration of the toilet can be completely separated from the rest of the rooms. So, explore original and creative possibilities to decorate yours. Some washrooms have good natural lighting, others not so much.


Free Pattern Available: Teddy Go Round Afghan

So, the tip here is: if you want to provoke a feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom, choose light and neutral colors when decorating. But if you prefer strong and striking colors, without problems, as we said earlier, the toilet allows bold and unique creations. Another tip is to align the colors of the dishes and metals to the wallpaper, this way you create a visual pattern and, even if the wallpaper is colorful and textured, the toilet is not visually overloaded.

What can not be missing in the toilet lined with wallpaper is a good lighting project, in the end this is one of the most important things in the toilet. The indirect lighting reinforces the visual effect of the wallpaper and gives the space a warm and cozy touch. You can also choose to use washable wallpaper or adhesive wallpaper for the toilet.

But even if you use a traditional wallpaper, know that they are all very simple to install and you can do it yourself, taking care only to avoid the formation of bubbles. Do you already know which wallpaper to choose for your bathroom? If you still have doubts, check the selection of images below for toilet paper. And even if you already know what you want, be sure to check it out too, there’s always an inspiration capable of leveraging your project even more. How about starting to decorate your toilet?

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