Barcelona Shawl


When it comes to colorful crochet shawls, we first think of old and outdated pieces. Even the shawl has been updated, with numerous options now, especially crochet shawls with super-colored wool in both gradient and contrasting colors. Giving fun effects to warm up in the cold. Today we brought the post on how to make a beautiful and delicate Barcelona Shawl, we are sure you will love it as much as we do.

As is well known, colors are fundamental to a shawl’s more cheerful and stylish look. Therefore, in order for the shawl to convey this message, it is ideal to bet on colored wool, and may even use several lines of different shades for example, or similar tones to make a gradient. In the picture we have the example of Barcelona Shawl see what beautiful and gleaming colors this shawl has, beautiful and delicate, and best of all, it can be made by you.


Before you start crocheting you should choose the crochet thread you will use and the crochet hook you will use. The crochet hook should be as thick as the thread you are going to use, so if you are going to buy the thread and the needle, buy the thread you want to use first and then buy the needle of the correct thickness so you don’t go wrong. Ask the store salesperson to help you at this time.


Free Pattern Available: Barcelona Shawl

Garments made using the technique of crochet are usually appreciated gifts, even considering the time invested in practice, and the patience involved in the manufacturing process, people love beautiful handmade gifts. In addition, the wide range of possible products – such as ponchos, berets, stoles, belts, skirts etc. – makes the intrinsic universality of crochet practice even more evident.

The following materials are required: Your crochet hooks, your threads and your hands. You can find a variety of crochet shawl manufacturing manuals easily in magazines that specialize in the practice and promotion of crochet templates, or on websites promoting the same type of postage, for free and complete – detailing with images from each step – as well as the tutorial we made available in the post.

Now a curiosity about crochet:
The word crochet originated from a term that was part of the Nordic dialect, meaning hook, which is the shape of the curved beak of the needle that is used to pull the stitches, which also originated the word Croc in French, and also has the same meaning. To this day it is not clear when and where crochet began, but according to some historians, the work done on crochet originates in prehistory.

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