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Light, fluid and delicate, acrylic chairs stroll through decor and design editorials, and you have certainly seen them around. They are charming and have a unique charm, able to combine sophistication, class and elegance with a modern and somewhat relaxed look, especially when colored acrylic chairs are used. Have you also surrendered to the charms of acrylic chairs? So stay here in this post that we will tell you how to use the acrylic chair in the decoration, the types of acrylic chair available in the market and also teach you how to make a beautiful Tunisian Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket.

Types of acrylic chairs
Acrylic chairs may seem like a novelty, but oddly enough they are not that recent. The first models started to appear around 1950, becoming an object of desire by the women who used it at the dressing tables. Since then, new models and shapes for acrylic chairs have appeared, so we have selected here the main and most commonly found types for sale, check out:


Acrylic chair Charles Eames Eiffel
This is one of the most popular of the chairs signed by designers and has also won its acrylic version. The model is a tribute to the Eiffel Tower made by designers Charles and Ray Eames, hence the name of the piece, which was already right in the face. The Eames Eiffel acrylic chair can be used in different environments and decoration proposals, always guaranteeing that contemporary touch to spaces.


Free Available Pattern: Tunisian Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket

Acrylic chair Ghost Louis XV
Signed by designer Philippe Starck, the Ghost Louis XV chair is a modern retelling of an 18th century armchair offered to the king of France, Louis XV. Launched in 2002, the Ghost Louis XV chair became an icon of design, breaking a sales record with more than 1.5 million pieces sold, believe me. With the success, the chair ended up gaining new versions, such as the Victoria Ghost that appears without support arms or the Charles Ghost bench that despite having a few more things, maintains the same striking transparency of the original piece. The Ghost Louis XV chair can be used in different ambient compositions, ranging from decoration to even the protagonist of a scenario.

Transparent or colored?
Acrylic chairs can also be found in two models: colored and transparent. For those looking for a neutral, elegant and modern decor, it is worth betting on the transparent model, it will help a lot, for those who want to invest in a more stripped proposal, the colorful acrylic chairs are a great option when decorating. In this case, it is possible to find models of acrylic chairs in the most varied colors, ranging from yellow to purple, through blue, red, green and the elegant black.

Children’s acrylic chair
Children can also benefit from the aesthetics of acrylic chairs, because there are models manufactured especially for this niche. One of them is a reinterpretation of the famous Ghost Louis XV, Lou Lou Ghost. Where and how to use the acrylic chair in the decoration of the house? Acrylic chairs can be used in different environments of the house, together or individually, there are many options and combinations. In the kitchen, acrylic chairs can accompany balconies and islands, while in the dining room, acrylic chairs stand out around the main table.

In the living room, acrylic chairs can be used alone or in pairs next to the sofa, for example. In the bedrooms, acrylic chairs can occupy a space in the closet, in the suite and even next to the dressing table. For juvenile children’s rooms, the acrylic chairs look great with the desks. The internet is one of the best places to buy and research acrylic chair prices, whichever model you prefer. On online shopping sites you can find all kinds of acrylic chairs in the most different colors. However, consider your budget well before you go shopping, as a single acrylic chair can cost between $ 83.18 to $ 142.60 depending on the model and color.

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