Lattice Baby Quilt


Lattice Baby Quilt when assembling the layette for the baby, this piece cannot be missing. Like the blankets that are thicker and heavier, the quilt should be very delicate and warm. They are used to keep the child warm, protecting them from changes in the weather and protecting them from sunlight or the cold.

They are widely used when leaving maternity. And this shared one is perfect for these particular cases. It is worth investing in this beautiful piece and leave your baby well protected and beautiful.


Perfect for babies the colors of this quilt can be changed to other colors of your choice. Every mother likes to make her baby’s trousseau pieces giving that personal touch and full of love so that everything is very beautiful.

Dainty Darling Baby Quilt Tutorial

Using few materials this quilt can be made quickly. It is simple and following the tutorial carefully the end result will be wonderful. A very interesting piece for those who work with craft sales. Lattice Baby Quilt is a simple work that is very beautiful and very cheap. Patchwork is a technique used by many artisans for its practicality and the beautiful final result.


The colors of your quilt will depend on your taste. Choose your fabrics according to how you want to make your quilt. Certainly when doing your job you usually have a lot of doubts about how it is the best way to do a perfect job. But with love and patience it is possible to do incredible jobs.

Lattice Baby Quilt is the type of work that, despite being relatively easy to do, requires patience when composing the piece. Thank you for visiting our website. Did you like this article? This beautiful blanket can decorate the baby’s room in an incredible way and still keep you warm and comfortable.

Free Pattern Available: Lattice Baby Quilt