As Sweet As... Blanket


Everyone should have a wall hook at home. They are practical, versatile, save space and are still a hand in the wheel when it comes to organization. Not to mention that you can still use the wall hook to hang anything you can imagine, from keys to bicycles. Therefore, today’s post is entirely dedicated to this simple, but precious instrument of home organization. In the next lines you will understand better why you have a wall hook, tips on how to insert it in the decoration and incredible images to be inspired, in addition to the tutorial on how to make a beautiful As Sweet As … Blanket. Come on?

5 reasons to surrender to the use of the wall hook
1. Perfect for small spaces
The wall hook is the best option for small environments, replacing with praise the traditional coat rack or floor stand. When attached to the wall, the hook does not occupy any space, not to mention that while it is not in use it goes practically unnoticed, except in those cases where the hook also has a decorative function in the environment in which it is used.


2. Variety of models and materials
Few everyday accessories can be as versatile as the wall hook. Surely there will be one that fits perfectly in your home and, if it doesn’t already exist, know that you can create one yourself with DIY (Do It Yourself) (we’ll talk about that in the next topic).


Free Available Pattern: As Sweet As… Blanket

But the fact is that the wall hooks are always surprising. There are wall hooks in a round, triangular, square shape, with a retro, childish, modern, romantic style and super creative ones made of very unusual materials. Now, in case you are in doubt which model to choose to use in your home, bet on the wooden wall hook. This is a classic that never goes out of style and matches any decor and ambience.

3. Anywhere in the house
The wall hook can be used in every room in the house, but it is important that you always keep them in strategic places in order to facilitate organization in place. For example, in the lobby it is nice to have a wall hook right next to the door to place keys, documents and other small objects. In the bedroom, the wall hook can be placed close to the wardrobe to facilitate the exchange of pieces and not leave them scattered on the floor so as not to create a mess.

Still in the bedroom, the wall hook can be used to organize scarves, jewelry, belts and bags. In the bathroom, the wall hook looks great next to the sink to accommodate face or bath towels. Once inside the box, the hook can be used to hang the loofah or the bath hole. Another good place to have a wall gain is in the children’s room. The children’s wall hook organizes that little mess like no other and, when placed at the right time, it still guarantees the autonomy of the little ones.

Use it to hang your child’s school backpack, toy basket, umbrella and other everyday objects. We cannot fail to mention the functionality of the wall hook in the kitchen. Hooks work miracles in this environment of the house, organizing and facilitating the daily routine. Try using hooks to hang pots, utensils and tea towels, for example.

4. Do it yourself
Another great reason for you to have a wall hook at home is the possibility of producing it with your own hands, saving money and still having the possibility to customize it as you wish. On youtube you will find many tutorials on how to make your own wall hook.

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