Triangles Shawl Crochet


Triangles Shawl a perfect piece to wear with jeans and complete your look with a lot of charm and elegance. Crochet is an art that has grown every season in the taste of women and creativity brings us different and very beautiful pieces. Crafts give us the opportunity to make wonderful pieces all year long.

An economical piece that uses little material and can be ready quickly. A beautiful shawl to increase your choice of combinations this summer or even in the winter. This delicate and romantic shawl has a very special touch because of its feminine design and is also very practical.


The color here is a suggestion made in the color that best matches your style. For sure she will also look great with a midi skirt, jeans and even a beautiful shorts, or pants.


This shawl is the perfect piece for the hottest days and it can be used to compose different types of looks, but it can also be used for the colder days. With pants or skirt it looks very beautiful and is a delicate piece and easy to make. Perfect for the summer, being prepared for walks on sunny and hot days, and for winter on the coldest.

This model shared here can be in the most diverse sizes just pay attention to the available explanation that is perfect. This beautiful Shawl is perfect for the winter season when the coldest days happen. It is one more option to give a graceful touch to your look and an extra color in your wardrobe. Because it is a more classic style it is perfect for the work environment, leaving the woman always very elegant.

Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you. Did you like the article? A beautiful shawl to start the summer or winter with the wardrobe full of news! The perfect piece for cold and heat when there are many temperature variations and it is a style that is in high fashion.

Free Pattern Available: Triangles Shawl Crochet