Shoji Blanket


What time is it? This is perhaps the most recurring question in everyday life for anyone in this world. And where do you look when you need an answer? Some look at the wrist, others look at the cell phone, but if you’re at home, don’t miss the opportunity to look at the wall. That’s because a wall clock, besides offering the obvious – informing the time – still adds a lot of charm and style to the decoration of the place and, let’s face it, is there something we like more than combining practicality with beauty? So we have gathered in this post some essential tips for you to get the wall clock right and take this piece full of history to your home too, as well as a tutorial on how to make a beautiful Shoji Blanket, follow us:

Regardless of where your wall clock is going to be, you need to think about the ratio of it to the space and the wall. Very large places ask for a fuller watch and larger than a small room, for example. If you choose the old models, such as cuckoo or pendulum, check that the wall holds the piece properly and that there are no other objects that can stand in front of or hinder the view of the clock. When placing the clock on the wall, the tip is to place it at least 1.70 meters high so that it is clearly visible.


This is the ideal measure for you to be able to see the time easily, without hindrance. Always think about the beauty of the clock, but also about the function it will perform, after all, nobody wants a clock that doesn’t work properly, always late or early when you need to see the time, right? So, look for a quality model that has a design that enchants you at the same time.


Free Pattern Available: Shoji Blanket

Today’s watches can be manufactured in different types of materials: wood, steel, glass, iron, plastic and even with recyclables. Before choosing yours, see which type fits your decor best and where you will place it. The wooden ones are timeless and match any environment, while the plastic and steel ones have a more modern footprint. The glass, in turn, looks beautiful in elegant and refined designs.

Types of wall clock
It is almost impossible to think of a wall clock and not remember the famous cuckoo clock. Who wouldn’t love to wait for the cuckoo to leave the house and announce the new time? It was a special moment for everyone. But it is not just cuckoo that wall clocks survive. Still following the vintage line, it is possible to opt for the wall clock with wooden pendulum.

Or maybe you prefer one of those pedestal clock models? A classic that combines with different styles of decoration, even the most modern. But for those who prefer a different wall clock model you can bet on the most modern versions, with strong and vibrant colors and irregular shapes. Wall clocks can still be found in both analog and digital versions, it all depends on how you want it.

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