Crochet Eventide Skirt - Free Pattern


Crochet skirts are essential items in everyday looks, that’s why todas’s pattern is the Crochet Eventide Skirt. They are comfortable and can be used in any environment. From those long and wide open models, often used on the beach, to those with lining. The crochet technique allows you to abuse colors and applications, giving rise to a multitude of options.

The method uses a hook-shaped needle and conquers artisans everywhere. And although its exact origin is not known, one thing leaves no doubt: crochet yields beautiful skirts that transform any look. It doesn’t matter the age, as it can be done in a specific way for each person. Pay attention to trends and get into fashion without losing your style.


Learn how to make the ideal crochet clothing model for your level of experience, without fear of taking risks. The long crochet skirt can be elegant, but it can also be casual or casual. The difference between them is in the type of stitch used, since the more open stitches and, consequently, more transparent, end up being the ideal option for a relaxed event, while a crochet skirt with closed weaves guarantees a classic and sophisticated look.

Crochet Eventide Skirt

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: We Crochet


In the standard you will find several size options. Remember that the yarn stretches as you wear it, so don’t choose a size that’s too wide. When choosing the yarn for the skirt, ensure its quality to have a piece that will have good durability. Pieces like this skirt are very versatile in everyday life, you won’t want to lose it in a short time. I’m sure your friends will want to win a skirt as a gift. You can separate some skeins of yarn for them, orders will arrive.

You can adapt the length of the pattern skirt by increasing or decreasing the rounds.The complete pattern is available at We Crochet, with sizes, important information, suggestions and step by step. We always want to know what you think of the pattern and if everything went well in the making of the piece, so let us know in the comments. You already have all the materials separated So let’s start crocheting!