Twisted Blossom Quilt


Hello friends, welcome to Ck Crafts. A quilt is a work of art done by quilting method. Quilting is a craft of sewing pieces of cloth together to form a quilt with a pattern design or other household items.

Padding can be a fun and rewarding hobby. It can be done alone, with others or in a group. Here’s how to get Twisted Blossom Quilt!


Today we will learn a beautiful pattern that has the name of Twisted Blossom Quilt, which features a modern and beautiful design to see. You may be wondering how to make twisted flowers.

Calm down! It’s not as difficult as it sounds, you’ll see and you’ll be enchanted, nothing like a willpower and deity that does not help and do incredible work even if it’s not on your level! Are you ready for this new challenge? So let’s go!



Creating Twisted Blossom can be considered as simple as it can be considered challenging, but nothing that dedication and love for our work does not solve, and the end is incredible and satisfying. So come on. Choose a fabric in a pattern of prints or choose from patchwork in solid and simple colors. For best results, prefer fabrics that match the decor of the room where you will use the quilt. Different types of tissues change over time – so it’s best not to mix. Choosing cotton will probably be your best bet. Also, think about color and scale – not thinking about this can result in a flat and out of order quilt.


Stay in the same color family, but do not wear the same shades – your quilt will look monochromatic and flat. Think of lights and colors, bold and dark and avoid those colors that combine a lot. Do not choose fabrics with the same size pattern and patterns. A good variety of the two will create a dynamic and vivid piece. You can choose a fabric and base the rest on that particular pattern. Have a “featured” fabric. It is a fabric that shines brighter than the others and as a result, makes the entire quilt stand out.

You will also need fabric for the back, the edges, for binding and filling. If you opt for a high quality 100% cotton fabric, you will not have problems with color mixing. If the fabric is older or of poorer quality, wash before cutting. One tip: Buy a suitable fabric, make sure it is sturdy and will not shrink. If in doubt, wash the fabric before starting the design to test.

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To do this beautiful work I leave you the Instructions to make this

 ➯ Pattern PDF Twisted Blossom Quilt