Orb Medallion Quilt


Hello friends, welcome to Ck Crafts today let us learn a beautiful pattern that has the name of Orb Medallion Quilt. It is no wonder that we have 34 plain fabric colors for you to create your quilting pieces, leaving us indecisive in choosing the color you prefer and match your decor. 34 ‘ Yes! That’s it! 34 plain fabric colors of your choice to create. Use your creativity and make your best and most beautiful Quilt!

Therefore, we will present the Orb Medallion with its rounded shapes where you will fall in love with the use of various colors, so it will be easy to decide on the ideal color of your next quilt, be it a traditional quilt or a quilt or even a modern design!


Of course I can not resist playing with how this arrangement looks like a rainbow. To learn more about this quilt pattern keep reading and enjoy.

This quilt is a medallion of applied circles or orbs, arranged in concentric circles or orbits. Have fun with the arrangement of the orbs. Do not worry about getting perfect placement – your mind will naturally correct any nuances. Although I teach you my favorite technique to apply, feel free to use your favorite technique.


Necessary materials:

3 packages of 2,3 ” Wa! Pre-cut Circles (L’s Modern)
3 packs of 3 ” Wa! Pre-cut Circles (L’s Modern)
3 packs of 5 ” Wa! Pre-cut Circles (L’s Modern)
4 Meters of Fabric Background – Dyed Cloth, 31260 – 06 Natural
4 meters for backing – Dyed Cloth, 31260 – 05 Dark Night
1/2 meter for binding – Polkadots White / Black – Color Basic 4505-BK
3 packs of 2.3 ” Wa! Pre Cut Circles (L’s Modern)
3 packs of 3 ” Wa! Pre Cut Circles (L’s Modern)
3 packs of 5 ” Wa! Pre Cut Circles (L’s Modern)
4 yards of background fabric – Yarn Dyed Cloth, 31260 – 06 Natural
4 yards for backing – Yarn Dyed Cloth, 31260 – 05 Dark Night
1/2 yard for binding – White / Black Polkadots – Color Basic 4505-BK

What matters is that you will have information to choose wisely, be it for your decor or to give to someone you like and also to increase your selling options.
This pattern is a delicate quilt reminiscent of infants and toddlers. I’m in love with every detail. And I believe you too will fall in love. If you can then tell us about your experience with this incredible quilt. Come on! Use your creativity!

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I leave you the link with the standard ➯ Free Tutorial  PDF   ♡ ♡