Snowfall Slouchy Hat


The green bathroom has never gone out of style, but in recent times, with the diverse amount of home décor and wall coverings available on the market, this color has gained even more reason to invade your bathroom and every other room in the house! The bathroom is almost always the smallest space in the house and less likely to have a special decoration. In today’s post, in addition to learning a lot more about it, you can learn how to do it, and get the pattern of a beautiful and delicate Snowfall Slouchy Hat, are you excited? Let’s go then!

But to show that it can be a beautifully decorated environment with lots of sophisticated, fun and even minimalist possibilities, we have brought with you a very popular incredible example that can be used without fear as it will have a wonderful result. After all, every corner of your home needs to be carefully decorated to match your personality! In this post, we’ll talk about color psychology, its meaning in culture, and the best ways to use every shade in your home, with special attention to bathrooms!


Psychology and meaning of green color
Color psychology is a study widely used not only in the arts, but in the areas of advertising, design and marketing, many people choose to choose color in this way. It helps professionals make color choices for their products in an optimal way that makes sense with the proposal being produced.


Free Pattern Available: Snowfall Slouchy Hat

This means that the colors used have a direct influence on how we perceive these products, believe it or not. Colors are received by our brain from sight, one of the senses that process information faster in our system. The brain responds to this information with stimuli made by associations. For example, the color blue is associated with the tranquility, depth and stability of the sky and the sea.

The green color is mainly associated with nature, with its leaves and vegetation that brings freshness to wherever it is inserted. And it is from nature that we, like the blue sky, can take moments of calm and tranquility, as well as energy and renewal. Thus, green becomes a very dynamic color if used in the right proportion, and is a very popular choice.

Besides, we have a habit of thinking green when someone tells us of hope, generosity, health and money, doesn’t it? This is also related to the meaning of color within our western culture. In other cultures green may appear in other ways, with other meanings. For example, in ancient Egypt, green is associated with Osiris, the god of life and death; In Hinduism, green is the color of the heart chakra and is associated with happiness; In Malaysia, green means danger and on the Mexican flag, green symbolizes independence. What’s up? Ready to make your decoration?

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