As Time Goes By Blanket


There is nothing better than having a beautiful, comfortable and functional room! But knowing how to harmonize these three characteristics can be a daunting task for those without a professional help or a high budget for a major makeover. So in this post, we’ve selected 4 important tips on how you can revamp decorated rooms using just minor upgrades and the amazing As Time Goes By Blanket pattern for you to use in your decor and stay warm:

1. Decorative objects for decorated rooms
Demonstrating personality in the bedroom is critical, after all, only owners have access to it. The first step is to select the style and then choose the accessories that should make up the decoration of the room. In a double room for example, one can be a fan of movies and another fan of games, so the room can have themed movies, games and favorite characters in the decor.


If you do not know what to put, invest in travel objects, bedside clocks, pendant lamps, flower pots, display books, sculptures, pillows and so on. The interesting thing is to do this step calmly, without the rush to buy everything at once, let your imagination fly, choose calmly!


Free Available Pattern: As Time Goes By Blanket

2. Bed linen for decorated rooms
This is one of the most important points in this post! For most, bedding doesn’t make much of a difference in decor, but a nice set of sheets can take all the coziness after an intense day of work or study. Try to combine the bedding with a flat bedspread at the foot of the bed, as it is the one that leaves the room with a magazine cover style when decorating.

3. Materials and textures in decorated rooms
Choosing the right room material is essential to make it easier for you on a daily basis. A tiled floor (porcelain tile), for example, offers less cleaning work than a carpet in the room. Thus, as leather headboards are more charming and practical than velvet or cotton. Analyze each item you insert in the bedroom, taking into account the practicality and beauty in the decoration. Bringing them together is the best way to have a nice room for years, so think carefully and be creative!

4. Colors for decorated rooms
Combining the three items mentioned above is not logical if there is no harmony between them. Therefore, study a color chart that defines your personal taste. Try to make a conceptual mural to see if the composition looks nice, so your room will look amazing.

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