Solstice Medallion Quilt Pattern

The world of handicrafts is something of a passion. The quilts are very charming. In the past, the quilt was a popular thing about grandparents and they’d already taught for their granddaughters.

Every beginning is really beautiful and time-consuming because learning is gradually learning and improving your skills and increasing creativity each time you finish your project, your quilt.

Putting together the pieces of fabric, it will form something incredible, these fabrics may be from other works or fabrics won, save them for your next patchwork.

Today we are going to talk about another quilt craft project, which everyone already knows and loves because the quilt always succeeds.

As the name itself says, it is made up of pieces of fabric that are stitched together which gives a fantastic result and then inserted a lining.

The quilt can be simple or more detailed having a result of a quilt that heats up and is cozy. To help you all in this project we leave in this article several tips and instructions on how to make this beautiful pattern.

Image Felice Regina

Many people like quilts made with retail and with this is a great opportunity to produce and sell this product to have an extra income with something they love to do. There are several ways to make quilts, in general, the technique used is simple, and it is great for beginners to get their first quilt even at the beginner level.

When I spend time left I am browsing my basket where I keep the leftovers from other works, I keep everything because it is always useful. Always organized and separated by color, putting in bags to not mix and fill up with gorgeous fabrics for new designs. This medallion quilt was designed with the junction of several favorite pieces of Felice Regina, she designed this wonderful design. She named it Solstice Medallion because it reminds us of our solar system made the sun in the center of the quilt.

Pattern Details

Name: Solstice Medallion
Project Size: 53 x 53 ”
Fabric: Heather Ross / Munki Munki, and some Tula Pink, Patty Sloniger, Teagan White
Pattern: Solstice Medallion
Medallion Center – Night Star
Padding Type: Spiral

Prepare the tissues

The first step before you begin is to pick and separate all the fabrics you will use in your work. I left above all the used fabrics, which one of the places. Think about how your work will look like. Wash the tissues and pass not to rinse by getting everything stretched faciitand until the time to sew. As you already know we are passionate about crafts, as we have already made available on our website numerous patterns and various sewing and step by step tips.


A seam allowance of 0.25 “was used. How we do everything with our hands never exits perfectly all the same seams, only with a machine.

Below is the graph and pattern with step by step for all, enjoy and good work. You can find other medallion patterns that I leave as a hint at Amazon. To always be linked to all patterns, follow our page on facebook CK Crafts and our Love Quilting Group. We give weekly tips with Free Padroes. I see you there.

Step by Step Pattern Felice Regina ➩ Solstice Medallion Quilt

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