Navajo Blanket Shrug


The corridor is usually one of the last spaces we decorate at the time of renovation. Being seen as a limited place, we often stop investing in it. Besides being a place of passage for the other rooms it is used very often, however there is no reason to make it white, dull and dull. It can be decorated with supportive furniture such as shelves and backers, with paintings and artwork, special and distinctive lighting or even wallpapers that change the face of the passage. In today’s post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Navajo Blanket Shrug.

A popular choice is to put together murals of family, travel and meeting photographs, a way of telling the story and experiences of the residents to their guests and which, besides being very beautiful, values ​​the environment very much. Essential tips for those who want to decorate and change the face of the runner. Before you begin, it is ideal to consider that it is not recommended to overload the hall with decoration items.


Decorative objects should not impede circulation in the space in which they are used under any circumstances, including because they may be damaged by passage. With this main item in mind, check out the next tips we have set for you right in choosing:


Free Available Pattern: Navajo Blanket Shrug

1. Measures
For indoor environments of homes and apartments, it is recommended that the corridor has a minimum width of 0.90m. To house cabinets, large sideboards and shelves, it is essential to calculate the available space, so no errors occur.

2. Painting and colors
Light colored walls give the impression of a wider and more open space, so prefer neutral or pastel shades, they are widely used today and very popular. A good idea to highlight the end of the aisle is to paint it a darker shade than the one on the side. Dark colors are not recommended in short corridors as they can cause discomfort. In a wide corridor, they can be used to bring more personality to the environment.

3. Frames
For small corridors, the ideal is to invest in a composition of decorative frames and wall frames, they make the space very beautiful. Choose items that contrast with the sober color of the wall, mostly opting for colored frames. For a lighter effect, you can attach frameless frames and photos, ideal for narrow aisles.

4. Floors
Using a long treadmill can help draw the eye to the end of the aisle, making it look longer. Long rugs make the space more cozy and the mirror is a good trick to the limitations of the environment. Try placing it on the back wall, as it will have a nice effect with the reflection of the image, and it will leave the environment with an amazing touch.

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