Lacy Shell Popcorn Stitch


Crochet rugs and bikinis fever is on the rise these days, and the Stitch Shell Pattern is ideal for these types of work. The models look amazingly beautiful and it is a great idea to abuse these points and do beautiful work for your home and summer use.

A nice tip is to make beautiful seashell rugs and bikinis to sell, in various designs, colors and styles. With them, the return is guaranteed, you will sell a lot!


But remember, the use of this stitch is not limited to bikinis and rugs, you can use it wherever you want, without restriction, crochet is a limitless art and is totally open to new ideas and inspirations.


The shell crochet stitch has a medium level of learning, so if you are just starting out on crochet, practice and test your skills to make this beautiful stitch more easily, I can guarantee it will be worth it.

The Stitch Shell Pattern is very beautiful and easy, we will leave the schematic at the end of this post, this point is for many things, just create, use your imagination, I’m sure you can!

However, before you start assembling stitches around, it is important that you master the basics of such crafts, such as the ideal needle type and the stitches that are used for this technique.

Contrary to the belief that only grandmas knit, knitting has gained fans of all ages. This is because, besides being extremely relaxing, knitting is a type of craft that allows a variety of possibilities for use, whether in the making of clothes or even in home decoration.

This confusion is quite common, but also easy to clarify. This is because both types of crafts (crochet and ç) use the same needle. For crochet, however, only one needle is required, while knitting requires at least two needles to construct the stitches.

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