Cascades Crochet Pillow - Free Pattern


Hey guys! It’s always great to have you here and today we’re going to learn how to make the Cascades Crochet Pillow. I love to bring pieces that make all the difference in the decoration of an environment and that’s the advantage of pillows. It’s the easiest way to change a decor. Cushions bring comfort to the living room and bedroom.

They also carry with them the power to add style, energy and simplicity to an environment, especially when they are used in compositions that deviate from the basics. If you have difficulty matching colors and choosing complementary tones, the secret is to look for color pillows that are already present in the environment and their variants.


You don’t have to choose between patterned or plain pillows, you can use both. This combination is very good and helps to build an environment without much visual pollution. Environments that are half off and without much life can gain a completely different look with brightly colored pillows. Using these pieces in decor is a secret to change without changing furniture and colors.

Cascades Crochet Pillow – CAAB Crochet

Cascades Crochet Pillow

This pattern was created by Esther, who was inspired by the pattern of two other pieces. It turned out very beautiful. This is what happens when we practice crafts. We started to practice creativity and with practice, we started to create amazing pieces. To choose the colors you want to use, look around and look for colors that you can match. Below you will find important notes about the pattern.


Excited to get started? So, let’s go. The complete pattern is available in CAAB Crochet. There you will find the step by step, the necessary materials, yarn suggestions and photos to help you. With all the materials separate, it’s time to crochet! We love to see you around here and I hope you are enjoying crocheting. If you like these patterns, let us know. Comment here which ones you want to see around here and we’ll bring it to you.