Scrappy Kaleidoscope Quilt


Year in, year out and many new trends emerge, whether in the field of fashion, the arts or architecture and interior design. By 2019, decoration trends have already been announced. Among them, the most striking is the use of Living Coral, chosen by Pantone as the color of the year. But trends are not just in the field of color, they still go through the shape and materials used in furniture and decorative objects, as well as the use we make of space. But don’t keep thinking that just because a new trend has emerged you should renovate your entire home.

It is possible to incorporate these new elements in a timely manner, without the need for major interventions, always valuing the comfort and welcome of local residents. Speaking of welcome, designers and architects are betting on 2019 to offer pieces and solutions focused on the comfort of home, so that individuals feel connected to their own home again.


Within this proposal, we can include the resumption of contact between human being and nature, with the house becoming the link between them. So don’t be alarmed by the explosion of natural fiber materials, nature-reminiscent colors and organic shapes. In today’s post you will see new trends and learn the pattern of a beautiful Scrappy Kaleidoscope Quilt.


Free Available Pattern: Scrappy Kaleidoscope Quilt

It is worth mentioning that the use of recycled materials in decoration will be higher than ever and along with them the DIY trend – Do IT Yourself – or “do it yourself”. Here are the top decorating trends for 2019 elected by designers, architects and influential brands in the industry and how you can put them into your home. The golden tone is a trend that went through the year 2018 and continues in 2019.

The color refers to luxury, sophistication and elegance and can be combined with different shades, including the color Coral. Living Coral was announced by Pantone as the trend color for 2019, taking the place of Ultra Violet, 2018 color. The vibrant tone, full of joy, delicate optimism, beautiful and full of enthusiasm is a company bet to soften the effects of technology on everyday life and make us stay in a more motivated and happy mood.

The color still brings welcome and that nice feeling of living in a real home. To use Coral in the decoration you can choose to paint one of the walls – as the tone is striking – or maybe invest in accessories in color, such as pillows, quilts, paintings and upholstery. To combine it prefer the closed shades of green, brown and gray, another option are yellow and classic black and white. Decorating is an amazing thing, how about using your new quilt to help you?

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