Galaxy Quilt


How about exchanging the traditional neutral sofa for a colorful, cheerful and modern sofa model? And when we talk about colored sofa, include your favorite color in this list, like yellow, blue, green, pink, red … And even abuse your creativity including a sofa with colorful pillows and beautiful chandeliers for the living room. All are beautiful options! After all, the colors are very powerful! They highlight sensations, styles, and make our home even more beautiful. That is why the colored sofa is an excellent option for you to give a new look to the decorated room. In this post we will talk more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Galaxy Quilt.

We know that learning how to combine colors is not an easy task, so follow our tips on how to use the colorful sofa in living room decor and get inspired by the tips that we separated. Check out! Many end up leaving the option of the colored sofa aside because they do not know how to combine the colors of the room with it, others are afraid to remove the cosiness of the environment due to the colors, so we will help you.


Really, with neutral tones you can’t go wrong on these issues, but you need to consider that the room is much more to our face when it represents us through colors and even more if we like it. And this representation, consequently, influences how we feel at ease in the environment and there is no need to insert these colors.

Image By: Donna Jordan

Free Available Pattern: Galaxy Quilt


Now if you want you can insert only the decorative objects, a colored sofa can also add beauty and personality to the environment in which it is being used. If you have no idea how to start choosing your room colors, what do you think about listing your favorite colors to at least get an idea of ​​how to set up the room? It’s a great alternative! It is also worth noting your priorities with the living room. If you want a very comfortable room, to be able to receive friends at home, what do you think about investing in the colored sofa bed or even in the colored retractable sofa?

So, whenever someone needs to sleep in your house, they will have a space to stay. For you to better understand how you can combine the colors of the colored sofa with the living room, we have selected one of the most used options. Check out! Clean room with highlighted sofa. Believe me, the colored sofa is not exclusive to modern environments, it can be used in other environments as well. If you have a clean environment and just want to add a more striking detail to the decor, the colorful retractable sofa may very well fulfill this mission. One option for you to be right in your choice is to avoid the colorful sofa that is too vibrant.

Prefer to have a colored sofa that is lighter, so it is easier for you to get used to the different shades. There is a design in which the light blue colored sofa bed makes all the difference in a neutral living room. Only a few elements are more modern, such as the carpet and the cushions with geometric prints in black and white. Nothing much more flashy. This is a good way to start introducing colors into your decor. Then, when you feel more comfortable with the color combinations with the colorful retractable sofa, you can add furniture, pictures, or other more vibrant pillows.

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