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With the advancement of technology, the ceramic manufacturing process has reached new horizons and, today, it is possible to find a variety of shapes, colors and textures. Therefore, in the midst of so many options, it is not difficult to find people who have difficulty choosing which type of ceramic tile for the bedroom best suits their project. In this direction, if you want to transform your bedroom’s flooring in a special way, but you are still in doubt about which ceramic model to choose, pay attention to the next topics. In this post, we separated decorating tips and several beautiful projects with ceramic for the bedroom for you to be inspired and also the tutorial of a beautiful No Wool Left Behind Blanket. Check out!

Clay is the main raw material for ceramics. But, how is ceramics manufactured? We will explain, the ceramic manufacturing process basically consists of the clay extraction steps; grinding of the material, pressing (raw ceramic) and firing that can reach 1,150 ° C. Resistant, durable and versatile, the ceramic in the decoration can be used to coat floors and walls, making its presence felt through crockery, tiles, porcelain tiles, tiles, tiles and objects of artistic and cultural expression, but it is not limited to just that.



Therefore, it is no wonder that the presence of ceramics in the decoration of residential, commercial, public and industrial environments has grown considerably in recent years. With the advancement of technology, the ceramic tile manufacturing process has reached new horizons and, today, it is possible to find on the market a variety of shapes, colors and textures, so many that you cannot even imagine the possibilities.


Free Pattern Available: No Wool Left Behind Blanket

Square, round, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal ceramics, with a smooth or three-dimensional effect, with a traditional or printed surface … one thing is certain: they complement almost any decorative style of an environment. However, the variety of models on the market leaves us in doubt about which is the ideal ceramic version for the bedroom, among so many options it is difficult to choose just one. And, contrary to what many people believe, bedroom ceramics are not limited to the floor of the room.

Bedroom ceramics can also be present on the walls of the dormitory. Many decorators and architects even recommend the use of ceramics when composing the headboard. Very nice idea that can be applied both in a double room, single room and baby room. The ceramic for double bedroom smooth in neutral tones are indicated for those who wish to print an environment with clean and traditional decoration, with this type of ceramic it is easier to combine other colors in the environment. Rusticity can also be part of this room through ceramic models that resemble wood and stone.

Now, for couples who want a more stripped-down environment, they can choose ceramic models for the bedroom with a three-dimensional effect. Ceramics for women’s rooms do not follow a pattern and vary according to the taste and style of the person who will occupy the dormitory. Therefore, color palettes, textures and prints are not definitive, a good tip to help you is, search the internet before choosing. Delicate rooms, for example, can receive a ceramic model for the bedroom in a neutral, clear tone. Already more relaxed rooms, they can receive ceramic for the bedroom, with textures, patterns and irregular shapes.

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