Intricate And Colorful Crochet Squares


The living room is a must for residents and visitors. It is in this environment of the house that we feel comfortable, rest and receive the dear people. Therefore, every care is important to ensure that the decorated living room can be both cozy, comfortable, functional and of course beautiful to live in! In today’s post we will give you tips for choosing the colors of your living room by following the latest decorating trends and will even give you the pattern of these beautiful Intricate And Colorful Crochet Squares that can be used to make something for your decor. Follow and stay on top:

Set the color palette in the decorated living room, before you go shopping for carpet, sofa and decorative objects, set which color palette you will use in your living room. This step is important to ensure harmony and balance in the composition of the environment. There are a variety of colors that can be chosen and used, just let your imagination fly, and be amazed at the result.


Choose a color or shade to be the basis of the decoration and apply it to larger areas of the room, such as the walls and floor. To make no mistake, give preference to light and neutral colors, such as white or off-white tones that are nowadays much used and sought when decorating.

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Free Available Pattern: Intricate And Colorful Crochet Squares


Then set the color that will contrast with that base color. You can choose another slightly stronger neutral tone, such as gray, blue or black. This combination of colors, even, is widely used in modern style decorations, they are also much sought after by everyone, because they make the room beautiful.

But you can also choose a brighter shade, such as yellow or red, for example. This second color of the palette should be inserted in larger but not all objects. For example, if you choose a red sofa choose another color for the carpet and curtain. The bright colors are very beautiful and help a lot when decorating the room.

After the base color and the contrast color, choose two or three more colors for smaller objects, such as pillows, pouffes, vases, and frames, choose the ones you like. These colors can be from the same palette as the contrast color or a complementary shade. One tip is to use, for example, a blue sofa with red pillows, since red is the complementary color of blue.

For modern rooms the ideal is to use furniture with wooden feet, cheerful colors, mirrors on the wall, potted plants and frames with fine frames. For contemporary rooms the trick is to bet on a piece with a different design amid the commonplace of the place. For classic style rooms the presence of curtains, antique furniture and framed frames is the right bet. For rooms with Provencal style abuse of china, floral decoration, plaster plaster and window frames.

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Image By: Polly Plum

Image By: Polly Plum