Fireworks Quilt Block Tutorial


Quilting is a fun and practical way to pass the time. You use your creativity to create beautiful blankets, pillows and home decorations that will be passed on to your children and grandchildren. In a few steps you will learn how to make a Fireworks Quilt Block to show off your new ability to friends and family.

Choose your cutting tools. To make a symmetrical and aligned quilt, it is very important to have the same size pieces and also equally cut.


This not only gives the job a professional look, but speeds up the quilt process and makes it easier for beginners. Normal fabric scissors do, but rotary cutters are usually considered better when it comes to fabric cutters.


Free Tutorial Available: Fireworks Quilt Block

The cutting base comes with very useful markings from the molds often used in quilts and patchworks.

It is essential for the blade to work if you use the rotary cutter, but even using scissors it is very useful for preventing scratches on the table and for aligning and cutting the fabric.

Use a ruler. Not any ruler, but one specific for patchwork or quilt, wide, long and transparent, with angles and centimeters markings.

This ruler makes it easy to cut multiple layers of fabric at once and make the same markings on all of them.

After starting your block quilt, it is time to join them one by one until you reach the desired quilt size. At this stage you can choose the colors of your choice. Both models are welcome. Learn in this walkthrough how to make this beautiful quilt without error:

Gather your materials for this beautiful quilt. You need to have everything ready and easily accessible for agility. Get all your tools, clear an area and let’s get started.

You will need: