Double Star Block


The world of craftsmanship has grown every day and there are many possibilities to make patterns of patchwork blocks and with this we can take advantage of the remaining flaps of the other projects we have done to create another.

Picking up the pieces of those fabrics that we love and that we can not as well as being a sustainable way to create new beautiful pieces with tissues that would be discarded and at the same time a cure for our soul, since the craftsmanship has been recommended as an excellent pastime with therapeutic endings to distract and reduce stress.


Several different fabrics can be made with this pattern to become a quilt. Cut it here, put it together, sew it a little longer, and when you see it, a wonderful surprise has been made, doing very well for the soul, is not it.

This pattern I leave for you is called Double Star Block is a multi layered work but traditionally has 3 layers that are the top of the patchwork, filling and coating. The 3 layers are joined by a seam known as quilting that can be seen just below.


We can see in the layout of the quilt when the block is repeated. It is very beautiful the secondary pattern of stars and diamonds that is created when the blocks are joined. It is beautiful to see every detail being created and at the end giving an incredible result. Many designs can be done with this pattern, such as bags, quilts, wallets, table-top, blankets and other work. The Double Star block uses semi-square triangles, fast geese, and regular squares. To create more blocks is simple, simply multiply the count of pieces by the number of blocks you want to create, depending on the size of the project you need to do.

This wonderful pattern is a beginner level, great for anyone who started out in this wonderful craft world recently. Then you can create your first quilt, being very rewarding and motivating to create other designs and increase the skills. Today the comforter pieces are often exhibited as true works of art and there are many exhibitions and festivals around the world on handicrafts, being great for attending and getting to know new patterns and projects to increase knowledge, great for anyone who does to sell and get an extra income by increasing your variety of products in your store!

It may also have a decorative function. It can be placed on the wall of the living room, or bedroom, wherever you want to decorate your home with works made with your own hands. To choose colors, you can make combinations of two, three or more as you prefer. The wonderful thing about crafts is that you can create the pieces and assemble different colors that make your work more exotic and much more beautiful.

Below I leave the pattern with the step by step with all the necessary instructions in PDF format to make this block with several steps.
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Double Star Block ➡ (DOWNLOAD PDF)