Dutch Treat Quilt


A Dutch Treat Quilt is a work of art made by the quilting method. Quilting is a craft of sewing pieces of cloth together to form a quilt with a pattern design or other household items.

Filling is a fun and rewarding hobby. This can be done alone, with others or in a group. Here’s how to start making this beautiful Dutch quilt.This adorable Dutch quilt treat block wishing for spring.


It is so fresh and vibrant, the purple blue is luminous. A quilt block to lighten your heart after a long cold winter. If you like blue, you will have fun digging through scraps to find the right blue to capture the same effect.

Put different blues together that create a purple tint. It takes a little time to get the right combination, but the blues are fairly common, it’s just finding the right ones to go together. The block is quick and much easier than you might think at first.


These scans intracristais application modules are inspired by ceramic tile delft, a Dutch art dating back to the seventeenth century. Quilters will find an impressive array of motifs and unique appliqué designs. See instructions for a full-size collection, a smaller design, and 196 block patterns. Use a collection of blocks to mix at the same time and make original designs. A reverse application technique is perfect for the 4-in. Block model. The windmill blocks measure 12 “squares and the wind-tops in the center of each block measure 4” squares. The block is a variation of the classic Winding Ways quilt block usually made with curved seams. These seams are straight, but the overall design of the quilt gives the illusion of overlapping circles.

The Dutch Treat was the Designer Block of the Month, the best thing you ever do is dedicate an extra-large basket just for scraps. The Dutch quilt block Treat is the perfect junk buff. Any fabric can be used.
The quilt called “Dutch Treat” is a wonderful and complicated quilt that is all made in the reverse application method. It will probably take me several years to needle in turn to do this but it is a wonderful looking quilt. I do not know what colors I’m going to get from now on, but I’m thinking about it.

Gather your supplies to start making the Dutch Treat Quilt. To get your first quilt, you need to have everything ready and with easy access.Get all your tools, clean an area and let’s get started.

You Will Need:

Free PDF Made by Designer: Maureen Cracknell  ➡ PDF Dutch Treat Quilt