Converse Sneaker Styled Crochet Lovely Baby Booties


So mom, is your baby on the way and painted that urge to make a crochet slipper? We have separated for you this post with this beautiful pair of Converse Sneaker Styled Crochet Lovely Baby Booties. The range of booties for newborns is wide, but nothing like the comfort of a crochet boot made of special wool for your newborn. And if your case is not expecting a beautiful little baby, but wants to give as a gift and delight the future mom, stay with us and see the beautiful and easy to make models that we have selected for you.

Because it is malleable, crochet does not tighten, bother or hurt the baby / newborn. Therefore, it is one of the most recommended and sought after materials by moms who value their comfort and safety, after all that is all they need. The crochet baby booties, for example, are unanimous in combining well-being and beauty. Plus, it’s timeless, a classic that never goes out of style.


Today you can find countless models because of the influence of the media, fashion trends and diversity of different points. Among the favorites are those inspired by adult shoes such as flat shoes, loafers, sandals crocs, sneakers, espadrille, boots and sports shoes widely used today.


Free Available Pattern: Converse Sneaker Styled Crochet Lovely Baby Booties

Versatile, the crochet baby shoe can be worn on both informal walks and on occasions that require more formality such as wedding, birthday and christening. To do this, upgrade and invest in the application of flowers and stones, bows, lace and shine! Let your imagination fly wild when making these little shoes, have fun!

The colder days call for high-wool models to keep babies’ feet warm, sober colors and crochet stitches closer. Already in summer abuse the sandals, flat and espadrille with vibrant shades, internal designs, more open points and materials with finer lines. They are chic and comfortable, and there are several for every occasion, making them even more useful and stylish.

The crochet baby shoe is a fun and great gift option for newborns. It is a popular tradition and a gesture of affection very common among family and friends, who wish to show their wishes of happiness to the new family that was formed. The demand for them is so, so great, that many women with manual skills found in the crochet shoes for newborns an opportunity for extra income, and started to make them to sell, as well as offer them as a gift. to the newborn. And believe me, this kind of craft makes a lot of money.

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