Star of the Forest


The mirror frame is a decorative element that in addition to transforming the decoration of your environment, highlights the use of the mirror in space. So, be it big or small, made of wood, rope, plaster, patina, fabric… one thing is certain, investing in a mirror frame can bring even more style and sophistication to your room. With that in mind, if you want to include a mirror in your decor, but are still in doubt about which frame to choose, read on.

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The mirror frame can be made in different materials, colors, styles, shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, it is possible to find on the market that model of mirror frame that fits perfectly in the decoration of your environment, be it classic, minimalist, romantic, clean, modern, rustic and so on.

But, amid so many options on the market, the question of which is the best model of mirror frame to choose is recurring and we are aware of that. Therefore, we have separated some tips below that will help you in this step of choice.


Free Pattern Available: Star of the Forest

How to choose the ideal mirror frame? Opt for a mirror frame with more subtle colors and shapes if your environment presents a colorful or more loaded decoration so you don’t overload the environment; Invest in a mirror frame with more striking tones and shapes if the environment presents a clean decor; Invest in a wooden mirror frame if the environment follows a rustic decor; Choose a mirror frame made of metal if your space includes modern decor; In stripped-down environments choose a mirror frame made of plastic;

In organized and formal environments it is recommended to use a square mirror frame, it gives an incredible touch to the environment and mixes well with the decor; Bet on a rectangular mirror frame in small environments; The round mirror frame blends perfectly with delicate and relaxed environments; Create mosaics of abstract composition with the geometric mirror frame; The irregularly shaped mirror frame is suitable for relaxed environments; Investing in a large mirror frame conveys elegance and gives a greater sense of spaciousness.

The choice of the frame for a large mirror must be made with great attention and care, pay close attention to details. Therefore, at the purchase stage it is important that you choose a mirror frame that harmonizes with the decoration of your environment, this is always the best thing to do. Even because, in the market it is possible to find different models of frame for large mirror, some for example, follow the more minimalist and classic style, while others are better suited in environments with modern or contemporary style.

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