Afghan Triangles


Colors convey different kinds of sensations, this is undeniable. But there are two special groups that synthesize these effects, warm colors and cold colors. All colors and their shades can be classified into these two groups except neutral colors. And what does this have to do with interior decoration work?

Absolutely everything. Anyone who wants to decorate the home seeks to harmonize colors and textures to create warm and welcoming environments, and colors are largely responsible for creating these effects. In this post we will explain about it and teach you how to make a beautiful Afghan Triangles.


Try entering a room all decorated in red and then entering the same room, only this time all decorated in blue. You will clearly and clearly perceive the sensory difference between them, not only visually but also in relation to the environment. Within the color circle, the cool colors are represented by blue, green and purple.

While red, yellow and orange are known as warm colors. Among the cold colors, we can consider blue as the “mother” of all the other cold colors, since it is the only primary cold color that exists, giving rise to all the others we find.


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Cold colors are generally recognized for their calming, soothing and relaxing effect on the environment. These colors also have the “power” to expand the environment, making it seemingly bigger than it really is. By learning about these little chromatic details, you can use colors to your advantage and create environments that are not only beautiful, but also have function and sensory value.

For example, blue can be used to visually expand a small room, while green can be applied in an environment where the idea is to relax and rest. But beware of the excessive use of cold colors, they can make the environments too impersonal and cold, which spoils the decoration. Here are the main features of each of the cool colors:

Blue, along with yellow and red, form the trio of primary colors. And from the mix between blue and yellow that green appears, just as the junction of blue and red results in purple. That is, the other cool colors of the spectrum are directly linked to blue. Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, the water. It’s the color associated with rest and relaxation, after all, a day of blue sky is enough for everything to look better in our life, isn’t it?

But blue also has interesting physical effects. Color can lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate, so it can be a good choice for stressed, agitated, and nervous people to decorate using blue. Blue is a great color for a bedroom, whether it’s a couple, a kid’s or a baby’s bedroom, as the color relaxes and induces a peaceful sleep. However, do not overdo the use of color, it can make the environment sad, melancholy and cold. Depressive people should also avoid using blue in the decoration.

Green is the color of nature, what comes from the earth and what is natural. It is a comforting color, beautiful and able to rebalance the emotions, putting everything in order again. The shades of green vary widely, ranging from the coldest to the closest to the warm color palette, where the presence of yellow becomes dominant over blue.

Green is not a very recurring color in decoration, but it can be a pleasant surprise if used properly in combination with other colors, especially earthy or wood tones that ensure even closer proximity to nature and can be used. together in decoration. Green is one of the few colors, perhaps the only one, that has no “contraindications” and can be used freely without fear of being happy.

Finally, the purple. One of the most enigmatic and mysterious colors there is. The mix between blue and red causes strong sensations in those who observe and hardly the color will go unnoticed, if already in objects, or environments. Likes to be noticed and will be noticed, have no doubts. It takes a certain amount of boldness to use purple for decoration, especially in large areas such as walls, floors or larger furniture such as kitchen cabinets and sofas.

But if you have enough personality to play the color, face it without fear. To make it more subtle, harmonize it with white, they make a great and very beautiful combination. Now if the intention is to make a stir, invest in the strong and aggressive combination of purple and black. Blue, green or purple.

Regardless of the cool color you choose for decorating, be aware that common sense and moderation are always welcome, so you ensure comfortable, warm and beautifully decorated environments. But we will not finish this post without first showing you beautiful inspirations of environments decorated with cool colors.

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