Crochet Peacock Blanket


Changing the decoration of the house is very good, but we cannot always invest a lot of money to do this, however, there are some solutions for decoration that are very simple, cheap and easy to make like the string lamp. The string lamp can be used in various environments of the house and instead of investing in chandeliers, pendants and expensive lamps you can make your own string lamp and make the decoration of the place much more delicate and pleasant. But before you check out some decorations and string lamp models, how about learning how to make string lamp? In this post you will learn how to do this and you will also learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Peacock Blanket.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, making a string lamp is much easier, faster and more practical than it actually looks. It takes few materials and skill to make the string lamp and below you will see the step by step how to make string lamp with bladder.


Materials for making handmade string lamp: String; Glue; Bladder; Fairy Lights or a simple pendant with lamp.

Step by step: how to make handmade bladder lamp. Fill the bladder leaving the ball the size you want for your string lamp; Start to wrap the string around your bladder, the string doesn’t have to be that straight, it’s interesting that it is wrapped in several directions; Pass enough glue over the string already wrapped around the bladder;


Free Pattern Available: Crochet Peacock Blanket Pattern    Crochet Peacock Blanket Video

Let the glue dry well; Prick the bladder and remove it from the string lamp; Finally, place the turn signals inside the string lamp or fit the lamp to the pendant. Now that you’ve learned how to make the handmade string lamp, how about giving some model tips for you to get inspired.

The string lamp can leave the environment with a more contemporary and modern look or even give a rustic effect to the decoration which makes it very beautiful, it depends on the type of material you will use to make the lamp. If you are looking for a rustic effect, it is recommended that you use the sisal rope that we saw in a project.

If the idea is to add a little more color and joy to the environment, the handmade string lamp can also help you and a lot in that. In the market it is possible to find strings of various colors and so you can make your string lamp with bladder of the colors you want, making the house more cheerful and colorful and also renovating your home decor without having to spend a lot.

But remember, it is necessary that the colored string lamp matches in harmony with the rest of the decoration, so as not to leave the environment loaded, as this totally spoils the decoration. For a more modern and sophisticated decoration, you can choose to make a handmade string lamp in shades like black or gray. The lamp will guarantee a very contemporary look for the decoration.

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