Thicketty Mountain Quilt


Welcome to Ck Crafts. Crafts have grown steadily and with these new patterns were created, although it is an old pastime, never goes out of style and is always modernized. I bring this quilt pattern which is very handy on cold days.

Soon winter will come and we must protect ourselves. It really is very difficult to choose a quilt to make because there are so many models and colors that we are undecided, but the Thicketty Mountain quilt is one of the most sought after and favorite of Quilt lovers.


We hope to leave here the solution to the possible difficulties that all of us, passionate about quilt, can have.

Learn how to make a quilt that involves shades of all colors with the Thicketty Cloth Cloth Scrapbook. A comprehensive overview of how to adapt to the correct colors and will know how to put the fabric squares to create the perfect aesthetics properly.


The end result of this quilting tutorial will leave you with a basic square quilt, perfect to be shown as a tapestry or keep the house for a bit of extra heat.

An important factor in achieving a perfect endpoint is that each work uses a different nomenclature dedicated to each finalized product style. Let us, through this subject, take away all doubts and uncertainties from those who have not yet created their own unique works. When we see a quilt ready, we are imagining the process for the final art, and how we could begin, middle and end so close to the piece.

In this PDF, we will bring you the perfect standard to make your Thicketty Mountain smooth. There is something that can make this pattern easier: separate the colors and fabrics to be created, choose the prints and have the design in mind to finally put into practice. I could cite a variety of changes we make to meet the diverse tastes of our customers, friends and users of our social networks, but I leave the original pattern for you to use as a template to create your way.

To facilitate, I’ll leave the materials that can be used to make the perfect piece:

– Fabrics with colors
– Sewing machine or hands
– Lines
– Needles
– Scissors
– Round cutter
– Ruler for Patchwork
– Love and affection

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Free Pattern Step by Step ➠ Download PDF