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  • Crochet Pillow Snug-o-Suarus – Free Pattern

    Shall we make a beautiful pillow? This pattern is passionate, the Snug-o-Saurus Crochet Pillow. It’s a pillow a little bigger than the traditional ones and with a very different design. If it is already successful with adults, imagine with the little ones. It’s a pillow full of details, but that doesn’t make it difficult. By […] More

  • Cascades Crochet Pillow – Free Pattern

    Hey guys! It’s always great to have you here and today we’re going to learn how to make the Cascades Crochet Pillow. I love to bring pieces that make all the difference in the decoration of an environment and that’s the advantage of pillows. It’s the easiest way to change a decor. Cushions bring comfort […] More