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  • Sage Stitch Long Cardigan – Free Pattern

    Hey loves! Another week starting and we will be here every day to bring you a new pattern. We hope you can feel all our affection and dedication on the other side. We look for patterns that are always complete, with all the tips to guide you through the entire project. The Sage Stitch Long […] More

  • Crochet Embroidered Cardigan – Free Pattern

    Hello my loves! What a pleasure to start another week together with you. We were always very happy and grateful to have your company. Knowing that you remember us when you think of a new pattern to learn always makes us happy and motivates us to continue sharing everything with you. Today we are going […] More

  • Origami Crochet Cardigan – Free Pattern

    You know that cardigan that looks simple, but makes all the difference in the look? This is the Origami Crochet Cardigan Pattern. It’s so beautiful that after it’s finished, it takes a while to believe that it’s not from a super expensive store. Here was the reaction of everyone who saw the cardigan ready. In […] More