The Mini Home Town Cardigan – Crochet Pattern


If the crochet cardigan is already beautiful on its own, imagine combining it with your little one. This is the proposal of the Mini Home Town Cardigans. This pattern is not difficult and does not use many materials. The cardigan is a versatile piece. You can use it in colder days, in the late afternoon. You will notice that the choice of wires influences a lot.

Today there are many types of yarn, some more used for cold weather clothes and others for summer clothes. Think about it before choosing. The crochet cardigan is a piece that matches several looks, from the most casual to the most elegant. Take this into account when choosing the color of the lines.


The most basic colors are the classic ones, black, grey, beige, white. Other colors will also look beautiful, red, pink, blue. These are colors that attract more attention and will be the focus of the look. When choosing the line, also take into account the comfort of both the child and yours. Let your creativity work. I’m sure the cardigan will look great. You and your little one are going to rock.

Crochet Cardigan

Materials, Abbreviations and Notes about the Crochet Cardigan:

In the description below you will find the thread suggestion used in the pattern. It’s just a suggestion, make it with the colors and threads you prefer. Use your personality and creativity in your choices. You can also add flowers, strips or stones.




The pattern is worked in sections starting with a large rectangle for the lower front and back. The upper front and back are worked directly into the top of the large rectangle and shoulders are then seamed. Sleeves are worked directly into arm holes and ribbing is added at the end.

You’ll find both patterns in Meghan Makes Do. Step-by-step photos are also available on the website, so it’s easier to make sure it’s being done right. I’m sure you will be the most successful together!