Cathedral Windows Quilt


Welcome to our website, everyone who is passionate about crafts that are always looking for news and here is the place. I am always researching novelties, patterns, tips of our beloved crafts to be able to share with you and to each pattern made a new learning.

For it is always good to be practicing new things, to update ourselves and to learn new techniques to do well for ourselves and to improve our abilities and to succeed, even more for those who sell their work is always important to look for novelties and to perfect their techniques and their motor coordination. For handicrafts bring us many benefits.


In addition to the benefits, you also have the feeling of gratitude and feel satisfied doing beautiful work with your own hands, from a simple butterfly or square to a quilt gratitude is the same.

Some jobs take longer than the other, but everything is the patience and dedication that the end is worth. 


I’m sure you will enjoy this newness I bring to you today that is the pattern called Cathedral Windows, which is simply an enchanting pattern of willingness to make several of these in various sizes and colors. I was always seeing this pattern, and I found it interesting and I know that many will like this with me.

This pattern can be done in two ways, either by hand or on the machine as you find most practical for you to do, of course the machine will be much faster to do. It will make each square sewing and so the pieces multiplying and so then sew on each other as in the step by step down until forming the wonderful design that it gets at the end. This pattern is simply a motivator and many ideas for new projects.

Works with Cathedral

With this pattern we can do many things like a beautiful bedspread, blankets, sofa blankets, pillowcases, rugs, table runners and whatever your imagination tells us, because we can put our designs on several things. I really loved this pattern on cushions and bedspreads. I sewed each edge one at a time, but soon we got into practice and then began to sew the whole row each time. Do as you prefer and practice.

One thing I learned is that the next time I go to do this pattern I will not let the corners of the card be worn, because I finished and a lot of corners became less sharp so making it harder to finish correctly. But when you finish the window the imperfections disappeared, it was too beautiful. It was beautiful work, loved the result, made a quilt but can use for several things as already said. I will still do more with this pattern to improve my skills and when I have more time I will make a quilt for my niece, being a quilt for single bed.


 – Sewing machine
 – Thread
 – Rotary cutter / ruler / rug
 – Markup Tools
 – Pins
 – Hand sewing needle
 – Turner point
 – Iron and ironing board
 – Hand sewing needle
 – Optional
 – Aligning glue
 – Water spray bottle
 – Spray Starch
 – Scottish Guard

One tip I leave to you of this pattern is that if you go for bags and pillows, you could leave the indentation if you wanted to.So I really liked this pattern and I came to share with you the pattern written based on the techniques I used that I left in the link below the pattern with the step by step written and the video tutorial that is just below.

Pattern Free Cathedral Windows Quilt