Cathedral Windows Quilt Squares


Hello passionate about crafts like me, welcome to Ck Crafts. I bring another pattern to everyone who will fall in love.

Every time I see a patchwork pattern I’m going to see what it’s like to try to do it, because it’s always good to update and increase our abilities, and learning more and more.


It is very gratifying to see a point becoming an incredible job, especially when it is a large design like a quilt. Nothing more like the time and patience that in the end is always worth the effort.

In this post we will do a project called Cathedral windows, which is an impressive pattern that really looks great with all the kinds of colors we can use.


It can be made by hand or make the machine as you wish and find it easier and practical, sewing the hand takes more time but it is very rewarding. Each stitch done, sewn multiplying will form the wonderful project, thus giving more will and motivation to make new projects and increase our knowledge to increase our level.


With this pattern we can make bedspreads, pillowcases, sofa or baby blankets, whatever you prefer and your imagination to send. Each pattern is a different diversion especially for our hobby, thus giving much satisfaction to us.

With Christmas coming, we need to start our preparations for this beautiful date, whatever you want to do to make your home more cozy.

Necessary materials

I am addicted to full fabric and I particularly love making small pieces of shiny cotton.To do this you will need:

I really fell in love with this quilt that is simple but it is charming – so many wonderful colors and can even wear in the Christmas season and the winter so beautifully – I really have to smile and remember all the past Christmas and winter activities that I enjoyed in the past.

I see this quilt – It’s light and the appliqués are printed on the quilt, but the hand quilted around them – just fantastic – It’s Christmas is here when you have this quilt on the bed! you can make a graphic paper, draw some blocks and fill them with various sketch drawings.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make this beautiful quilt, the photos are to get an idea of how your work will look and give you more ideas of what you can do. Enjoy and do incredible work with her. Other quilt suggestions are Giant Dahlia Quilt and the Ohio Star Quilt.

♡ ↳ Cathedral Windows Quilt☑ Free Pattern Step by Step