Squared Diamond Granny Throw 


We all love crochet and with this we have to know the meaning of the word, the ‘Croc’ means hook, so the word Crochet has French origin “croc”, there crochet is very used and is called croc and here in Brazil we call of crochet. 

For all who know the crochet needle will make sense, to make the crochet stitches can use the needle of any size and depending on the size you use will change in the size of the stitch and whether it becomes more apparent or not. All of us who do crochet know that the stitch changes if we change the size of the hook.


I always do some research on the new world of crochet, and so I knew this technique that I brought to you today. It is a pattern known and widely practiced, but if you still do not know, here is this opportunity to make and improve your crochet skills.

It is not necessary to have much experience to do this patten, everything is possible if you have determination and love for what you do. 


If you are like me who likes novelty, then do this beautiful pattern today, read on. Let’s increase our knowledge together.