Saturday Sampler Block


Hello, welcome to all who accompany us here and who are happy, as well as many for always learning and having the patterns for free.

The work done with hands with fabrics is something that was made from this antiquity, joining fabrics and giving different finishes that are giving rise to new Patterns, and this has grown a lot in recent years and modernization.


The quilting serves to join the three layers: Top, blanket and lining. But when we are going to work with pieces for children, we should cut as little as possible to make a piece cozier.

So, this is something we have to think about before we cast a piece. For well-crafted quilting pieces, they can be used in American games, quilts to decorate the bed for example.


Decide the quilting that will be used on the part. In a piece that the neutral zone is large this is an ideal space to use and abusing elaborate designer, you can leave the colored part without quilting to gain a highlight. You may also want to play with designers such as zig zag, wavy, ripple, octagonal, squares, and many other desginers.