Springtime Floral Afghan Free Pattern


Crochet blanket a beautiful craft work a little more elaborate and full of wonderful details. The kind of piece that stands out for the caprice and love with which our crafts are made. This work will take a little more time and knowledge, but it is worth it because the result is magnificent.

Crochet is a craft technique widely used to create rugs, blankets, baby shoes, coat, among many other things that are also incredible. Many people specialize in this technique and develop products to sell or to decorate their own home.


This blanket model is an example of the most diverse works that can be done with this art with lines. The color shared here is just a suggestion. Use the combination that suits you best to make yours.

Following the tutorial carefully and which is very well explained, you can make this charming blanket that can be a gift for a special person or to decorate your home with elegance and charm.


It can also be used as a product for sale because the final result will leave all your customers very satisfied and amazed. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you. Did you like the article? It is worth investing in this type of classic and timeless piece that can complete any type of decoration with style !!

The art of crochet has been providing a multitude of novelties and options with innumerable creativity. The work that many artisans like and usually do. Beautiful rugs of string with beautiful decorations as is the case of the many wonderful works shared here.

The more we learn and improve ourselves by knowing different techniques, our products become more creative and can surprise everyone by their beauty. This piece is perfect to be the highlight in the decoration of any environment. Where it is placed it will give a charming and elegant look to the room.

Free Crochet Pattern: Springtime Floral Afghan Free Pattern    Springtime Floral Afghan Free Pattern