Santa and Reindeer Night Before Christmas Quilt

Yes, you can bring the Christmas spirit into your home through blankets. It’s another alternative to the traditional decor with pine trees and lights!

The crochet blanket is one of the most popular and easy to make items. This is true for a number of reasons, especially the fact that this is a cheap product, and it is even possible to do it at home with some tools. It is also very versatile, being possible to make with figures that refer to a special holiday.

There is a huge variety of crochet quilts, they can be simple and neutral, made with just one color, but there is also a huge variety of colorful crochet quilts, with geometric prints, crochet sheets and crochet flowers. The colored crochet quilt can mix two or more different colors and shades. It’s great for anyone looking to bring more joy to a room or to breathe new life into old furniture.

Santa and Reindeer

Who doesn’t love to decorate their home in a special and cozy way to welcome family and friends on Christmas Eve? There’s nothing better than using handmade crochet, with all the love and affection. Christmas dines is a magical moment and a table decorated with crochet pieces adds a cozy touch to the occasion.

A sofa in a neutral tone totally gets into the Christmas mood with blankets in the typical tones, which are red, green and white. Your holiday quilt doesn’t have to be sprawled out on your sofa seat. If the furniture doesn’t touch a wall, create a kind of veil falling along its back. The bigger and more voluminous the blanket, the better. Let it drags a little on the floor. It gets more majestic.

Christmas Blanket

As we already said, there are several models of crochet quilts. The recipes are many and you can use many types of threads, needles and stitches. Here go some tips for you know how to choose the example that best fits what you want: first choose the thread and then buy the right needle, which is usually indicated on the thread packaging; to determine the final size of your crochet quilt, measure where you will be using it and make it a little bigger; thicker needles make the stitch more open, while the thinner ones make it tighter; larger stitches result in lighter quilts and similarly smaller stitches make heavier quilts.

Santa’s Blanket

If you want, the blanket can also be used to cover the base of your Christmas tree. It looks very original. And you can even define the area to place the gift packages. Ideally, it should be smooth, so as not pollute the look too much. After all, the pine tree will already be full of various ornaments and flashing lights.

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