Picot Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern


Hi my loves! How is your week going? We hope to be able to keep you company, bringing you new crafts and patterns to always inspire you. Each pattern that we test and see that it works, we are already looking forward to sharing it with you. This is also the case with the Picot Blanket, an amazing crochet pattern. I believe this is one of the most classic crochet pieces.

The crochet is very old and is present in the most varied pieces. You can find decoration items made in crochet, pieces of clothing, accessories, baby clothes, trousseau items. And the amount of pieces just tends to increase because we have more practitioners of this craft. After this difficult period that we all live in, many found crafts to be a kind of therapy. The more people do the more ideas emerge, new points, new models and who tends to gain from it are all of us.


Crocheted blankets are classic and well-known pieces, as are rugs. You can make then for all occasions: to decorate your room, to decorate the living room, complete the baby’s trousseau, to give as gifts. It is a useful piece and anyone who receives it will be very happy. If you don’t already have a crochet blanket, make this one and see how nice it is to snuggle up in the picot blanket.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: The Turtle Trunk


In the pattern, several colors were used and the cover was striped, the most beautiful thing. You can follow the same design and choose the colors you like best. If you want to do it with the same color and vary the tones, it will be beautiful too. the blanket will be degrade, very delicate and elegant. Regardless of the colors chosen, prioritize quality yarns. This way you will have a cozy blanket that will stay perfect for longer.

But remember that some care must be taken, especially as it is a handmade piece. Come check out the complete pattern in The Turtle Trunk. There you will find the measurements, list of materials and suggestions, step by step. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments. We are sure you will love this blanket, it will make your environment even more elegant, cozy and inviting. So, let’s crochet?