Heartbeat Ripple


The string lamp is one of the most popular items in the search for a distinctive home decor that can be made very simply. With a few steps and super cheap materials like string, white glue, scissors and bladders, plus the electrical part with the socket, socket and a switch (if you choose to mount a light fixture). It’s because of its ease of manufacture and versatility that we brought this post dedicated to string lamps, and the pattern of an incredible Heartbeat Ripple!

Let’s talk a little bit about how to use them in your home decor, different designs and patterns, and how to make them at home! It can be inserted in various environments of the house and in various shapes, sizes and models! From pendant chandeliers in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, you can think of creating table or floor lamps with beads or string domes, all the options are amazing.


In addition, depending on the type of string you choose to use to make yours, you can give your luminaire a completely different style, such as the rustic ones made with sisal, perfect for outdoor and wood-based decorations;


Free Pattern Available: Heartbeat Ripple

The most contemporary ones, made with thin black or white string, which can even refer to hollow domes made of metal and; the most fun, made with various types of color and tone combinations found in the strings, all very beautiful and special.

While the most popular string fixtures follow rounded patterns made from the shape of balloons and bladders, you can choose another pattern to follow and turn your light fixture into a fun and creative activity, in the end, She must have your face.

Using a box and film paper, you can get a square, rectangular or cylindrical luminaire perfect for table or floor models. You can also choose organic shapes from different shapes (the bladders are still great in that regard).

For those who already have a dome, cylinder or other luminaire and want to revamp this decor, macramé, a hand-weaving technique, features a variety of patterns and designs that can be made easy and even easier. economical (in this case, only the string or string to be used is required).

The macrame technique also makes it possible to create vase hangers and electronic candles, which are also beautiful in decoration, the results do not disappoint.

An extremely important detail to ensure the durability of your luminaire, be sure to wrap some kind of varnish around the mounted luminaire so that it does not deform over time.

For those who want to use white glue as a base, wetter climates can make your string structure softer to the point of losing structure, so use clear, non-water-soluble varnish for your luminaire to last!

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