Harvest Wreath Afghan


New house, or even old one that will be redesigned. Many plans, many dreams and small space in the double room! How to make? Being able to harmonize various functions such as sleeping, organizing and storing, watching TV, reading, being and dating in a few square meters requires planning and some tips so that the environment is functional and cozy. Tip 1 – Write down everything you need to have by hand. Be very clear about what is a priority and what is not in your life. Think that to accommodate some dream, another may have to be suppressed. For example, King type beds occupy the space of the auxiliary tables. So, the first step is always to organize priorities. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Harvest Wreath Afghan.

Tip 2- Save area. Prefer cabinets with practical sliding doors. And with mirrors that are a classic tip for increasing small spaces, they help a lot in this way. Do not think about decreasing the depth (around 65 cm with doors) if you are going to use a lot of hanger area. Nothing worse than skewed clothes, isn’t it? Shoe racks? Analyze if they cannot be done below the window, on a low and narrower piece of furniture.


Tip 3 – Lighting. Think carefully and carefully about this item. Small spaces require a lot of light. Direct light, effect light (remember the dating function? Yeah). Light for the cabinets. There are illuminated hangers with presence sensor.

Free Pattern Available: Harvest Wreath Afghan


Reading lights that can be placed on the headboard, on the wall or even hanging from the ceiling. Reserve a socket or place to put a practical emergency light, it will help a lot if your electricity happens to fall. They are easily found in supermarkets and solve a beautiful branch in the outages. Tip 4 – Ceiling recess is a tip that comes directly from tip 3. Using plaster can facilitate the lighting, but think if it will not take up space in the closet. Another detail to be taken into account is when using a ceiling fan. I always recommend that it be fixed to the slab by the movement. One way to give a feeling of recess is to paint the lining with a darker color.

If you paint a lining wheel of about 20, 30 cm in the same color, the feeling will still increase. Tip 5 – TV. This is a controversial issue. Some people don’t like having a TV in their room. But for those who like it, they can be fixed to panels on the walls, these panels hide the wires and still give a modern touch to the environment. Remember that there are supports that can move it. The care is to provide the necessary electrical part as well as the cabling for paid TVs or via computer. Take care that they are in a comfortable position to see lying down. Nothing worse than torticollis in the days following a favorite series marathon.

Tip 6 – Reading. Requires light (tip 3) and location for books, magazines or digital readers. One has to think that the partner may not have the same habits. Good to think of a light that does not disturb the sleep of others. Tip 7 – Outlets and locations for cell phones. Yes, super necessary although many say that they should not accompany us in sleep. But at least do not stay below the pillow as this helps to warm the cell phone. If there is no space for a side table, how about a support at the headboard? Tip 8 – Colors. It doesn’t have to be all clear. But I recommend the floor to be and the furniture too.

And none of the heavy details in them. The straighter and simpler the better. But avoid corners, remember that in small spaces the probability of tripping increases. And leave the colors strong for details, like some wall or even pillows and bedspreads. Tip 9 – Lay out. There is not much scope for creativity in small double rooms. In general the layout is a closet, bed and window. And in front of the TV, on the wall. Of course, the bed can be flush against the wall. But we don’t recommend it much. Have you tried to make a double bed like that? It takes a lot of work to do that. Be very careful with the wall behind the bed. It will be one of the key points of the room. Mirrors, photos, a cool color, all this adds to the personalization of the environment.

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